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While limiting the materials and colors to monotone, the chic, modern design and the active use of woods create a space with a sense of warmness.
It is a unique space that combines with classic decorations and modern arches.
Circularity x Joyful: By reusing existing building materials, a unique colorful office was created while achieving a cost reduction.
Open to everyone and mixing many activities, realizing an informal space in a Free town.
A pavilion is gently wrapped in wooden panels and lights delicately like a lighting basket
When you come home, it is a very long living space that leads outside from inside.
West meets East. New meets old. A mixture of two different concepts creates a unique space with a green wall
Warm & modern is a design style, which can be achieved by introducing gentle and elegant wooden materials.
Using unique colors that symbolize the entire space. A mountain lodge-like atmosphere creates a lively living space.