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Our history

Satoru Muneda

● The Netherlands registered architect: No. 1.210131.001

● First-class architect license of Japan: No. 357779

: No. 1.210131.001

: No. 357779

Having worked for total 10 years in architecture firms as executive director of Plantec Architects in Tokyo lastly, relocated to the Netherlands in 2016 and worked 3 years in Marc Koehler Architects before founding own architecture firm in 2019. Holding both Japanese and Dutch architect licenses, striving to introduce new architecture concepts by utilizing knowledge and experiences in designs and technologies from both countries.

In Tokyo – 10 years of experience

After gaining experiences at organizational architecture design firms in Japan, I became an executive director in Plantec Architects where I led my own team to work on large scale commercial facilities, hotel, and offices. Leading architecture projects in Japan required various skills and client relationships due to the fact that a person in charge needed to oversee every stage of a project from contractual agreement with clients until a completion of construction work as well as maintenance.

Having worked at project forefront, I was able to gain diverse experience together with clients and constructors, which enhanced my skills as an architect. It was my great pleasure working for clients who loved my design as well as seeing public people utilizing the buildings I had designed in real life. That was why I became passionate about further improving my design skills for architecture.

My side story: What brought me to the Netherlands?

Equal engagement at work and at home with my partner and a challenge as an architect in a totally different international environment. I have been influenced by various Dutch architects since my earlier stage of studying architecture and it was a part of the reason why I'm here now but not all. I had another reason to come to the Netherlands.

As an architect and a father of two sons, there were various occasions that made me think what could be a real quality of life/living for people. As an architect, I considered quality of life for my clients, but what about for my family? When I was working in Tokyo, I was very busy and left all house chores and raising children to my partner even though she was also working. My time I could spend with my children and my partner was too limited.

As my partner also wanted to pursue her career, we needed to find a way to work equally and engage at home equally, which was still difficult to realise in Japan. We discussed a lot and decided to give it a try to change our life. In 2016, we finally decided to move to the Netherlands where our family objective could be achievable.

In addition, it was actually a part of my dream to challenge as an architect in a complete different and international environment, therefore we are pursuing a dream for our family as well as for my own profession. As a partner of my wife, as a father of two, and as an architect, I strive to propose unique and beautiful spaces in order to communicate what a true quality of life is.